Time Capsule

The Time Capsule assignment is one that I’ve had a lot of luck with in the past. The assignment can be open to interpretation. I’ve received standard typed reports and I’ve received boxes/tubes/containers wrapped up as if they are official time capsule.

It’s a great way to talk about how fast technology changes and predict what technology we’ll have in 100 years.

The task allows for a break in-between learning software packages or is something that could be used at the start of the year while you’re getting to know your students.

Time Capsule

A time capsule is a collection of information about life during a certain time period that has been gathered, sealed, and preserved for a certain length of time (usually 100 years). Time capsules generally contain information about the everyday lives of people that cannot usually be found in a book, such as examples of people’s work, cards, drawings, and photos. When opened, these pieces of evidence provide a snapshot of the time they were created.

This activity requires you to prepare a time capsule in the form of a report that reflects today’s use of computer technology. Imagine that 100 years from now someone your age will open the time capsule you create. He or she may have no idea what our technologies looked like to what they were used for. As a result you will have to explain everything in detail.

You will contribute your own personal views, opinions, and observations. You may include pictures and illustrations if you wish. Your time capsule must contain the following sections:

  • Examples of computer technology today.
  • How computers and technology have made people’s lives easier today.
  • How businesses use technology today.
  • How you use technology today
  • How schools use and teach technology today.
  • My Personal predictions for computers in the next 100 years.

Each section in this time capsule must be a minimum of one paragraph.

You must include a title page with your name, the course code and the assignment name.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Use and understanding of computer and technology concepts. Limited understanding and use of terms and concepts Some understanding and use of terms and concepts Solid understanding and use of terms and concepts Exceptional understanding and use of terms and concepts
Creativity of project (pictures, enhancements) Limited creativity Some creativity evident Solid creativity evident Exceptional creativity evident.
Detail Limited detail in descriptions Some detail in descriptions Solid detail in descriptions Exceptional detail in descriptions

File for download: timeCapsule

If you have any questions about the assignment or comments as to how I could make it better please send me an email or leave a comment below.

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