Programming 3D Shapes in Scratch with Grade 7s

A teacher asked me for a way to integrate some technology into sketching and creating 3D shapes. I know there are a ton of apps out there that would likely work BUT I’ve been on a “Scratch-Kick” lately and thought I’d see what sort of assignment I could come up with.
Take a look and let me know what you think. The .DOC is at the end of the post of you want to download the assignment. There’s a rubric included that incorporates Grade 7 math and art curriculum expectations.

Drawing Shapes in Scratch

Scratch is a website that allows you to code computer programs. No experience coding is necessary for you to be successful in Scratch – all you need to do is try!

1) You will begin by going to This is the site that will allow you to create Scratch programs. Begin by going to the site and creating an account. This will allow you to save and share the programs that you write.

2) After you create your account click Create to begin your program.

3) Your first program needs a title. Click the title bar and replace Untitled with Example 1.

4) Click the Shrink button and then click the cat 12 times. The cat will be what you use for graphing. If he is any bigger than this you will not be able to see the lines you are drawing.

5) If you move your mouse directly to the centre of the cat you will see the x and y coordinates change to (0,0) or the origin. There may not be any grid lines, but what you are using is a graph.

6) There are three main sections of the screen:
1) The area where your cat is makes up the program’s output
2) The middle area with the coloured blocks are the lines of code you can use
3) The blank area on the right side of the screen is where you can draw your blocks

7) You will want to set up the following blocks up code at the start of each of your graphing programs. Try looking through the different categories of scripts to find them.

8) If you click the mouse nothing happens. This is because the block of code is telling the cat to go back to (0,0) and clear the screen.

9) Try manually moving the mouse somewhere else on the screen and clicking the flag. The cat moves back to (0,0)!

10) Drag another go to x:0 y:0 block and attach it after the pen down block. Click on the 0,0 and change the numbers to 150 and 150. You will have a straight line on your screen.

11) Drag three more x:0 y:0 blocks onto your screen and attach them after the previous blocks. Remember you are looking at a graph. Where do you need to make the cat move to in order to draw a square?

12) Draw the square and ask your teacher to sign-off on the drawing.

Teacher Approval_______________________________

13) You are ready to begin working on a series of drawing and programming challenges. Each of the following tasks need to be created in a new file. Click File→New.

14) In a file labelled Triangle, draw a triangle using the go to commands that you used previously. REMEMBER you will want to start with the template discussed in step 7.

Show your teacher before you continue _______________________

15) In a file labelled Square Prism you will want to draw a square prism. Remember you are using a graph and the beginning point is (0,0). You may want to sketch this on paper first.

Show your teacher before you continue _______________________

16) In a file labelled Rectangular Prism you will want to draw a rectangular prism.

Show your teacher before you continue _______________________

17) In a file labelled Rectangular Prism Volume 1 you will draw a rectangular prism with a volume of 250 units3

Show your teacher before you continue _______________________

18) In a file labelled Rectangular Prism Volume 2 you will draw a rectangular prism with a volume of 250 units3

Show your teacher before you continue _______________________

If you’re looking a copy of the assignment with rubric click below:

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