Getting Started with Padlet in your Class

You can have students access the padlet (perhaps via QR Code) and have them answer a survey – favourite colour, animal, birth month, etc. You can then graph this data as a class or individually.

Submitting Work

With the moderated option turned on you can have students submit work. They can access the padlet and upload an assignment as part of their post. As long as the moderated option is turned on, other students will need see the work.

 Exit Tickets

Student can complete anonymous Exit Tickets through padlet. Depending on the group you may want to moderate these.

 Class KWL Charts

Begin a new topic by asking students to post what they know and what they want to know about the new materials.

 Brainstorming/group work

Create a padlet for small groups to complete brainstorming for an activity. It can act as a record of their thoughts and help them not to lose their train of thought

 Build a Collage

If making a collage fits an assignment students can easily build a collage with images and video. They can share the link with the teacher. Alternatively the teacher can make a padlet for each student, allowing them to be in control and see the work at any point.


Have students create their own padlet and add to it daily/weekly/etc. As they go through the semester they’ll add to it based on what they’ve done that day.

Digital Portfolio

Through-out the semester have students post items they have completed and a brief reflection of that item’s strengths and areas for improvement.

If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to get started with Padlet, click here –>
padlet – tutorial and ideas

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