Changing Your My Home Course Icon

If your instance of D2L is using the “My Visual Course List” option you may want to follow these directions. This tutorial is going to allow you to change the icon from the default picture that shows up on everyone’s home screen. This default is set by the system administrator and may not reflect the content of your course or class.

It’s pretty easy to change – just follow these directions or the PDF attached.

1. Log into D2L. You will see your course with the default icon. Your default icon may look different depending on what your board has set.

1. course widget

2. Go inside of the course you would like to change the image icon for.

3. Click ‘Edit Course’

2. edit course

4. Click ‘Course Offering Information’.

3. course offering information


5. The Welcome Image is the picture that will display in the Visual Course Display widget. Click Browse to change this.

4. browse for welcome widget

6. You will need to search for the image and click upload then add

5. upload picture

7. You can see the image has uploaded when the filename appears below¬†“Welcome Widget Picture”

6. picture added


8. When you go to the main screen you will see the image has changed. It is now a little more relative to the Social Science course I was teaching.

7. icon changed

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