Wiring an Arduino with one button and one LED

A basic assignment you may want to do with your students is the wiring of an LED to a button. This helps to illustrate the flow of electricity, shows them how to use a button and gives the a little control over the circuit. As simple as it is, they’ll enjoy being able to see the LED light up when they click the button. You can challenge those students that are ahead of the group to help others with their wiring or to try wiring up two, three, four or more LEDs.

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Unboxing – Makey Makey

The Makey Makey is “An Invention Kit for Everyone!”. More specifically it is a device that lets you interact with the computer. Basically you can use the device, your knowledge of science and a wide variety of house-hold items to create a keyboard and/or mouse for your computer. Youtube shows many cool examples of the Makey Makey in action such as banana pianos, screaming carrots and a do-it-yourself operation game. Continue reading “Unboxing – Makey Makey”

Unboxing Arduino

The Arudino is a microcontroller for creating one’s own electronics and interfacing project. It’s got a huge following of users online, hobbyists and teachers are using it to help learn about electronics, engineering and programming. The version I’ve purchased is an Arduino Uno Rev3. There are multiple versions with different form factors and sizes out there. Continue reading “Unboxing Arduino”